Assignment: Managerial Challenge Write a 500 words paper for the

Assignment: Managerial Challenge

Write a 500 words paper for the branded company “Puma” and see the below assignment requirements. 

(Puma is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures of athletic shoes,  sportswear, and accessories)

Survey and opinion polling is one forecasting tool that may be helpful in making short-period forecast. The greatest value of survey and opinion polling techniques are that they help to uncover if consumer tastes are changing or if business executives begin to lose confidence in the economy to maximize their wealth.

Assignment Requirements:

(1) Research consumer product “PUMA” for changes in trend (trend analysis). You must document your trend analysis information in the survey.

(2) Develop a survey of consumer intentions to determine if there will be a increase or decrease in demand for your teams product, will there be a change in design, and will there be an introduction of a new product.

(3) The questions in your survey-opinion poll should be designed to capture if the current users of the product are satisfied or unsatisfied with the product, how they currently use the product, how often do they use/purchase the product and so forth. The questions should be designed to capture consumers intent in the near future. This information will help you determine as the manager what should be the next steps for this product and/or complete brand

(a) Survey/opinion poll should have an introduction that includes an overview of the company (1) when they were established, (2) founders, (3) product or service offered, and (4) latest events in the news and/or media.

(b) The survey must be at least 10 questions.

(c) The conclusion must include the final organizational decision (recommendation) from an economic perspective – (1) introduce a new product, (2) update the existing product, (3) remove the product from the market, (4) increase the price of the product because of future demand. You can select one, all four, or make your own recommendation. However, the recommendation must support the information in your survey/opinion poll.

(d) The survey must have a reference list for each article you researched to gather the trend analysis and other data.

Must follow:

– Strictly no plagiarism 

–  Follow the APA style of writing with in-text citations and a reference list.


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