Assignment Content 1.  Measuring progress and requirements in a project can be

Assignment Content


 Measuring progress and requirements in a project can be completed through performance

testing. As you review the results, it leads to ways to maintain the project progress. In this

week’s assignment you will develop requirements that need measurable results through

performance testing. Review the scenario and complete the activity below.

The Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project team is working hard to ensure that the new

system they develop meets expectations. The team has a detailed scope statement, but the

project manager, Tony Prince, wants to make sure they’re not forgetting requirements

that might affect how people view the quality of the project. He knows that the project’s

sponsor and other senior managers are most concerned with getting people to use the

system, improve their health, and reduce healthcare costs. Users want the system to be

user-friendly, informative, fun to use, and fast.

Complete the following in a Microsoft Word document.


Develop a list of 6 quality standards or requirements related to meeting the stakeholder

expectations described in the Running Case.


Write a 45- to 90-word brief description of each requirement. For example, a

requirement might be that 90 percent of employees have logged into the system within 2

weeks after the system rolls out.


Write a 175-word explanation based on the list of standards and requirements on how

you will measure progress on meeting the requirements. For example, you might have

employees log into the system as part of the training program and track who attends the

training. You could also build a feature into the system to track usage by username,

department, and other criteria. Support your answer with 1 credible source outside of the

course materials.

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