assigments needs to be worked on , Implementation of changes

assigments needs to be worked on , 

  1. Implementation of changes to marketing strategies (two to three pages)
    1. How would you implement your recommended strategy or strategies? Include a summary timeline of initial action steps in bullet list format.
    2. What marketing metrics will be used to track progress?
  2. Value creation with stakeholders (one to two pages)
    • How does this marketing solution help create more value for all the organization’s stakeholders?

Explaining the Solution

You are now at PBL Step 5, where you will apply your new knowledge in a Marketing Consultant Report. In PBL Step 6, you will self-assess and reflect on what you learned in this course.

While this step’s assignment is an academic requirement for this course, this paper is a Board of Directors/Trustees-directed document. Research in this assignment needs to support key outcomes from a marketing consultant perspective. The number of required research sources is a minimum of seven and a maximum of 10.

In this Marketing Consultant Report assignment, you will recommend a revised positioning statement for organization (there is always room for improvements; no suggested changes/improvements is not acceptable). You will report on an environmental analysis for the organization. For example, which opportunities and/or threats have the most influence on the organization? Which strengths and/or weaknesses have the most influence on the organization?

Your team will also recommend necessary changes to the organization’s marketing strategies, as well as how you would implement these changes. You will also answer how your marketing solutions help create more value for all the organization’s stakeholders.

Your marketing consultant report will also respond to how the DeVoe Virtual Business Model supports your marketing solution, as well as identifying its ethical implications. In other words, how does this marketing solution demonstrate respect for customer segments with diverse backgrounds? Finally, what biblical principle(s) support your recommendation?

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