APA FORMAT AND CITATIONS 1. Download some new app onto


1. Download some new app onto your mobile device that you’ve heard about (if you do not have a mobile phone call me and we’ll come up with an alternative), and then you will

2. Write a 2-3 page paper in MS-Word about SOME OF (but not ALL OF) these aspects from Chp 1-4 of the text, on this new app you downloaded:

  • Techno-fixation
  • Haptic Interface
  • Multi-Modality
  • Emotional Impact
  • Economical Impact
  • Safety-critical situations
  • Usability
  • User Experience
  • Interaction as Brand
  • Interaction as Package
  • technology acceptance
  • Innovation
  • Building on Past Success
  • Designing the Interaction
  • Platform Design
  • Prototyping

Use IGU-style formatting for this report.  Include citations. Originality must be 70% or more.


40%   Your Detailed analysis of aspects of the app.  I do not need to see an explanation of each and every feature of the app – what I am looking for here is your analysis of the app’s performance in terms of some of the items in the bulletized list above.  Stating that “it is very usable” tells the reader very little about the app.

10%  Juried support for your analysis of this mobile app.  For instance “because I like it” is NOT juried support. An opinion offered by a documented user community, or a well-known magazine, or a university for instance, would be juried support.

25%  Your Opinions.  Here you can state what you like or don’t like about it, but I expect your opinion to be based on some specific design aspect or feature or flaws or something else like usability, design, convenience, tie-in with other apps, customer profile, basket design, credit-card usage, etc and not just “I like it a lot”.

25%   Academic style IGU format. Citations. spelling. grammar. percentage of match in Turnitin of < 30%.  DO NOT copy a review from a webpage! Downloading a review and turning it in as your work will be scored as a zero (0). 

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