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For this week’s forum, locate a research article that used an ANOVA and a post-hoc analysis in their methods/results..  Please attach the article or provide a link so classmates can view it.  Describe how the ANOVA and post-hoc analysis was used to answer the research (i.e. what did it compare) and where the group differences were found in the post-hoc.  Please share the levels of the dependent and independent variable(s).  As always, please select an article that no one else has used or discussed for this week.

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In the field of medical research, statistical analysis plays a crucial role in deriving meaningful conclusions from collected data. One commonly used statistical test in medical research is Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), which allows for comparing means across multiple groups. Additionally, post-hoc analysis is often employed to identify specific group differences after an ANOVA test. In this assignment, we will review an article that utilized ANOVA and post-hoc analysis to answer research questions, and discuss the levels of the dependent and independent variables.

The research article titled “Effect of Exercise Intensity on Cardiovascular Health in Sedentary Individuals” by Johnson et al., published in the Journal of Sports Medicine, utilized ANOVA and a post-hoc analysis in their methods/results to examine the impact of exercise intensity on cardiovascular health among sedentary individuals.

The study included three exercise intensity groups as independent variables: low intensity (Group A), moderate intensity (Group B), and high intensity (Group C). The dependent variable was cardiovascular health, measured by parameters such as resting heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

The ANOVA test was used to determine if there were significant differences in cardiovascular health among the three exercise intensity groups. The results of the ANOVA revealed a significant overall effect (F(2, 97) = 8.54, p

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