150 words each SARIKA The technology has been more helpful to human but sometimes is harmful human life.

150 words each
The technology has been more helpful to human but sometimes is harmful human life. Most of the businesses have been deploying the use of the technology to ensure there is an improvement in the business performances (Jiang, P., et al. 2017). The company has been developing some of the technology practices to increase the value and quality of the technology by increase competitive advantage in the marketing and sales field. Currently, the implementation of the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is used in enhancing business transformation activities successfully.
There are different strategies that business management should deploy to understand the need for SOA. Firstly, it helps in improving the communication network between different departments and ensuring there is effective information sharing. The implementation of SOA in the business requires a different application that can be updated to increase information delivery services efficiency. The use of the SOA makes the business management to understand the features that ensure there is transparency in the information sharing without any issues that interfere with the information availability. The organization has to focus on the SOA scalability to ensure there is effective development. Ultimately, SOA has some of the features that can make the business to understand how to manage different SOA elements in different areas.
Furthermore, the management has to understand the testability in the SOA as another feature. The implementation of the testing tools requires different guidelines that increase business management services for high performance. The implementation of SOA in business requires business management to understand some of the features that can help in locating useful information for transparency issues (Kim, K. J., & Baek,, 2019). The identification of the transparency location can help the management to prevent factors that can confuse transparency. The use of SOA requires business management to increase the security layers that limit the intruder’s access to information transparency. Businesses can acquire different services using SOA and focus on managing the selected services successfully.
The use of the SOA helps business management to rely on and utilize the required services when needed by an individual. The different features in SOA make the business to have advantages to access services due to the availability. The management can independently rely on the services that add value to the business and modify the information services leading to successful business plans (Jiang, P., et al. 2017). Ultimately, business management that relies on the SOA can control some of the activities to minimize the cost of investment and operational costs. The management can focus on increasing their performances due to the acquisition of the available services and focusing on customer satisfaction. In conclusion, business management that relies on SOA has the ability due to an increase in the employee’s performance.
divya mutten
Which company makes a proper planning and strategy in the workplace so that they can have a systematic run in the Trade and therefore to make this thing more successful the association uses service oriented architecture in the workplace as basically with the help of service oriented architecture the company can have the proper systematic design or systematic communication in the workplace so that they can have a same motive and same goal to achieve in the Sale. There are various advantages which is the company gets because of having service oriented architecture in the workplace has basically the quality of the service which the companies providing to the customer and investor is improved because of service oriented architecture. Whenever the association increases or improve their service quality then surely it is very beneficial effect of the company as because of increase service the organisation can provide more and different ways of service to the customers or to the investors as this can be very profitable thing for the company as whenever the
service quality is improved then the investors of the company or the clients of the firm
thinks that they are getting preference service in the market and because of this it Can attract many customer towards the firm. Therefore because of this reason whenever the companies using service oriented architecture in the company then surely the service quality of the company increases and this can be very useful thing for the association as because of this many more people can get attracted towards the association and because of the high quality services which the association is providing to their customers as well as to their investors as this can help company to improve and increase their sales in the market and make the company profitable in the business (Nitin, 2013).

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